Understanding Our Fee Structure

Our Pricing Approach

At Parnassah International Partners, transparency in our fee structure is as important as the quality of our tax services. We believe in clear and fair pricing that reflects the bespoke nature of our work and the value it brings to our clients.


Consultation Fees

Our initial consultations are designed to understand your unique tax situation. After this session, we provide a detailed quote based on the complexity of the work, the level of expertise required, and the estimated time commitment.


Hourly Rates

Some services are charged at an hourly rate. This is often the case for advisory work, research, and other time-intensive tasks. Our rates are competitive and reflect the depth of experience our tax professionals bring to each case.


Fixed Fees

For more standardized services, such as tax return preparation or VAT registration, we offer fixed fees. This ensures that you know the full cost upfront, providing clarity and peace of mind.


Value-Based Pricing

In situations where our work can add significant value — such as tax planning strategies or resolving complex disputes — we may propose a value-based fee that aligns with the outcomes and benefits received.


Customized Fee Agreements

We understand that each client's needs are different. Therefore, we are open to discussing and agreeing upon a fee structure that suits the specific requirements of your case, whether that's a retainer, a project-based fee, or another arrangement.

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